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Published online by the Malaya Business Insight, 
by Antonio Delos Reyes | November 27, 2019

THE convenience store industry has become a vibrant sector with more players coming into the market. The dominance of 7-11 in the past has been challenged by companies, both local and international, with other brands offering something different to attract more customers.

Japanese convenience store brand FamilyMart might be a relatively young company in the Philippines but internationally, it is the 2nd largest convenience store retail chain in the world since it was established in 1973. The company recently opened its flagship store in BGC which offers a new level in comfort and convenience to its customers.

The flagship store eschews the usual operations of a convenience store where customers stay only for a short while, buying only what they wanted to get. Instead, the FamilyMart Udenna Tower store beckons customers to slow down and spend some time inside the store.

FamilyMart branch offers a co-working space that’s conducive to studying, reading, and productivity – all while enjoying any of the goodies in the store. For a minimum purchase of only P250, customers enjoy free Wi-Fi and a cozy corner in the exclusive co-working area, which looks out to the zen garden.

Thoughtfully located next to the co-working space, the zen garden provides busy bees a calming view for when taking a break from their screens. The landscape, reminiscent of scenes from a Japanese manga, is just what anyone needs for a breather.

Further setting itself apart from other FamilyMart stores, this one has two function rooms called Osaka and Tokyo, accommodating 8 and 12 persons, respectively. Each is equipped with audio-video facilities, making such spaces ideal for meetings and brainstorming sessions. Of course, guests can fuel their brains and stomachs courtesy of the food and coffee offerings the store has to offer.

As a nod to its Japanese heritage, the FamilyMart flagship also offers fresh ramen made in-store. Guests can enjoy a bowl of Tonkotsu, Tantanmen, and Miso varieties for only P165which even comes with a complementing drink.

The store also offers onigiri, the Japanese snack staple of rice triangles. Complete with the signature three-step unwrapping process, Salmon, Tuna Mayo, Tori Mix, Spam, or Tinapa is wrapped in a hefty layer of Japanese rice and blanketed with fresh nori for a delectable, filling snack or complete meal. Meanwhile, unlike other FamilyMart stores where donburi meals come in Filipino food-inspired variations, this one offers the Japanese rice bowl with more faithfulness to its origins. Pork Yakiniku, Gyudon, and Katsudon are laid on top of a hefty serving of Japanese rice. Meanwhile, the chiller holds other Japanese favorites, including Maki, and an array of bento meals featuring Pork Tonkatsu, Yakiniku, and Tempura.

Liquor drinkers are in for a treat with this store’s walk-in chiller stocked with a variety of local and imported beers and other liquors. What’s even better is, these drinks can be enjoyed from 7pm onwards in the dining area or in one of the function rooms. A six-pack, consumed with some of the signature food items would be the perfect way to end any work day.


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