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New Year’s Message of the PFA Chairman and PFA President 

Dear PFA members:

On behalf of the PFA Board of Trustees and Officers, we send our sincerest wishes of all the best of the New Year!

There is no doubt that 2020 was a challenging year but we believe that it was also a time of new learnings, new realizations and new directions. Whatever our experience was, we hope that we have all learned from it and have moved forward to the promises of the new year.
As we greet the dawn of 2021, let us thank God for the gift of new beginnings with positivity and with an open mind ready to seize the opportunities that the new year has to offer.

Indeed, we have a lot to look forward to in 2021. For starters, we now have the vaccine for COVID-19, several of them, in fact, with some soon to be made available to the Philippines this year. And while our economy plunged to a historic low last year, the World Bank sees the Philippine economy bouncing back to recovery this year. More importantly, the pandemic has taught us how working together can help us recover as one.

Together,  let us all welcome 2021 with open arms knowing that the best is yet to come.